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Your Life's Handbook

How do you view the Bible? Is it a great storybook, about men and women doing amazing things, or is it the wisdom of God written for you to live your life by?

View the scriptures as God’s will for your life, principles that you can live by. The Bible will do you no good just sitting on your coffee table. You will only see the promises work in your life once you apply the principles.

By consistently reading the Word you will become enlightened on how to live successfully in this world. As you apply the Word’s instructions, you will see your life turn around.

Proverbs 4:7-8 “For skilful and godly wisdom is the principal thing, praise wisdom and highly exalt her, and she will exalt and promote you: she will bring you to honour when you embrace her.”

This scripture is for those who put the Word of God first place in their life daily.

Read your Bible daily, study the scriptures and let God’s wisdom flood your life. The Bible is your life’s handbook. Allow it to lighten your path and give you the wisdom you need.

My friend, God wants to help you and talk to you. One word from Him can change your life. Read His love letter to you and let Him speak to you and help you.

Scripture References:

James 3:17

Isaiah 33:6

Luke 21:15


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