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At the beginning of the year sometimes we find it hard to set goals and we can feel like it’s another year just rolling over.

I want to ignite some passion into you by asking you some questions to fire you up to get you to move ahead and get you going…

1. Are you going to maintain or pursue?

2. Are you dry docked or launching out into the deep?

3. Are you holding the fort or going to take new ground?

4. Are you settling with status quo or are you going to the next level?

5. Have you thrown in the towel or are you going to take new ground?

6. Are you being passive or pressing in?

7. Are you surviving or thriving?

8. Are you circling the wagons or leading the charge?

9. Are you behind the eight ball or staying ahead of the curve?

10. Are you protecting what little you have or are you aggressively possessing all that is rightfully yours?

So, what is it? Are you going to back down and lose, or are you going to get back up on your faith and win?

I want you to get more aggressive about taking what is rightfully yours in Christ this year.

I want you to aggressively reach out with your faith and take what you need, command it to come in Jesus name.

I want you to become more aggressive with your faith. So put your helmet back on, get back on the field and GO, FIGHT, WIN!

Wow, it’s going to be a great year – Go 2020!

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