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You need to change. What again!

My Doctor looked at me with glaring eyes and said. "You will need to change things. We need to get these numbers down."

My first thought was, what again, all I do is change. Life was constantly throwing curve balls, and I always needed to change to keep up with them. Here was another curveball, and I saw what I had to do—change something again.

Growing in Christ requires us to embrace change as a constant in life. To become the best version of ourselves, we must crucify our flesh and resist temptation. That, of course, requires hard work and lots of change.

Jesus came so that we might have a life that is full of blessings and joy. To experience this life, we must transform our self-centered ways and adopt His mindset, compassion, and behavior.

Oh, you may get away with things for a while, like me.

But after a visit to my doctor and some tests later, the writing was plain to see. I had to change. I am getting older, and the things that I could do in my twenties, my body no longer appreciates. So we designed a new diet plan for me that excluded all my favorite things in this world. "It's for your good," the doctor informed me as I frowned at her.

This is what I’m doing now—changing my diet, eating healthier, and walking past the chocolate and cake aisles. Of course, God can heal me and bring the numbers down, but if I keep doing the wrong things, how long will my healing last? I have my part to play, which, of course, is changing.

Perhaps you have something you are putting off? Maybe it seems too hard to do, and secretly you don’t want to.

Change, my friend, is good. I know it's hard. When I walk into the grocery store, every chocolate in the aisle calls out my name. "Hello, over here. We’ve been waiting for you. Look, I'm on special. You can get two for the price of one!"

I must keep my focus and determination strong if I want to succeed in giving up junk food for good. God wants you to have the best things in life. Jesus gave His life to provide you with His best, but you must also do your part. God will not do your part. He will guide and help you, but you will need to do the work.

Yes, change is here to stay. Embrace it because if you must change, that means you are growing and are deeply loved. God is working on you to make you a better, stronger, and wiser person. Now that is something worth changing for.

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