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Winter and Spring Seasons of Your Life

Psalm 68:19

Praise the Lord, praise God our saviour! For each day, He carries us in His arms.

No matter what your day is like, know that God is carrying you in His arms. It may be winter on the outside, but in your heart, it can be still and peaceful as you take comfort that He is with you and carrying you.

Don’t let your heart become cluttered with the cares of this world where His presence can’t be felt anymore. The more of the world’s pressure you let in, the less of God’s peace you will have.

Fighting the good fight of faith is making sure that you stay in God’s resting place. Keeping the world out and keeping His peace in.

Remember, difficult times don’t last forever. This storm will pass, but how you come out the other end is up to you.

God has all the answers and waiting to share them with you. In His presence, you will find the comfort and strength that you need to carry you through.

Be patient because, after a significant storm, there is always a great calm. This season will pass. It may seem like this challenge is going on forever, but there is always spring after winter. Spring always comes, always…

Psalm 30:5

Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Romans 8:35-39

Have a winning attitude!

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