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The enemy loves to lie to you, hoping that you will see yourself as inferior and a failure. The devil KNOWS that you are a child of God. He KNOWS that nothing is impossible for your God. He KNOWS that no weapon formed against you could ever prosper unless you let it. He KNOWS you were healed by the stripes of Jesus. He KNOWS that Jesus became poor so that you might be made rich. He knows all these things. But do you?

He KNOWS this better than anyone else. Jesus faced satan and took the keys of life and death from him, disarming his power over you and utterly defeating him – See Col.2:15. Yes, he knows all this, but he counts on that you don't know this.

Recognise his lies, and you will defeat him. He uses fear to stop you. He wants fear to paralyse you from making any moves.

The only truth about your situation is God's truth and what His word says about it. Don't buy into the lies of the enemy. Stand on the truth of the word of God and go ahead, step into your promised land. God has already given it to you. Go ahead. It's yours. Possess it!

You are well able; God has won the battle for you! Please remember this because the devil never forgets it, but he banks on the fact that you do. Never lose sight of this fact no matter what you see going on around you!! Don’t give your power to the enemy. You have the victory!

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