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What songs are you singing in the night?

When it is the darkest part of your night, which songs are you singing?

Are you singing woe is me you have done me a wrong song? Do you keep meditating on your problems and the issues involved around them?

Paul and Silas were in prison beaten and punished for delivering a girl from a demon. They were in a dungeon with their feet clamped in stocks.

Now Silas could have said to Paul, “You know my life was fine till you came along, but since I’ve met you, I’ve had nothing but trouble coming my way just look where we are now!”

Scripture tells us that Paul and Silas were praying and singing songs to God in their darkest hour! Outside it looked dark and bleak but inside of them the light of Jesus was still shining, and that light brought them out! Scripture tells us that suddenly the chains came off and the jail doors flew open!

Read about this account in Acts 16:16-28. Not only were Paul and Silas saved but the jailer also came to know Jesus as Lord too!

While you are singing your woe is me you have done me a wrong song, the light of God’s Word cannot lead you out. You have become too focused on the darkness around you. But if you will praise God while in the darkness keep looking to God for the answers, He will lead you out to victory and your prison doors will fly open.

God inhabits the praises of His people; He responds to your praise with His presence. As you start to sing, your victory will come quicker, and answers will come faster. So, get singing and praising God.

Keep a song of joy in your heart for you are coming out from your troubles in Jesus’ name!

If you are tired of starting over, then just stop giving up

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