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What's Your Point Of View?

As a child, you spend most of these years only being able to see people’s knees. You never see the kitchen tops or even the top of people’s heads. It is a limited view.

But if your mom or dad picks you up, then what you can see is greatly improved. You can now see everything around you, your vision becomes so much clearer.

My friend, it is the same for us, our view is limited if we just look around us. We can sometimes only see problems and obstacles. It feels like the walls are caving in.

But if we focus on Jesus, by casting all our cares onto him, our view of life can be so much better and brighter. We can have confidence that our life will improve because God is on our side. He is carrying us and leading us through our problems.

Do not limit your view to your little world. Live your life with God by your side, look at it from his viewpoint and not yours. Believe that all things are possible and that your life is getting better every day.

Scripture References

Matthew 6:31-34

Psalms 86:7

Turn your dreams into goals, and let God help you fulfil them.

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