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What has happened to your passion and purpose for life?

Are you tired and weary? Just getting up and going through the motions each day? Before you know it, you are back in bed again?

Are you having no progress or results with your Christian life? Are the lights on, but no one is at home?

My friend, what has happened to your passion and purpose for life?

God does not want you to live like this. He came so that you could have an abundant life – See John10:10.

He has created a blessed life for you to have.

So how do you find your passion and purpose?

By spending time in His presence, listening for His voice and doing what He instructs you to do.

One small step at a time.

Each step will draw you closer and closer to your passion and purpose.

God knows you better than anybody, and He knows what will make you, “Rise and Shine”.

Set aside a time daily where you can just listen to what God wants to say to you. Get quiet in His presence. Let your spirit communicate with His Spirit and let Him lead you in the direction you should go. I am not saying that you will hear a loud booming voice, but a soft voice, a knowing, a nudge about what to do.

Words and ideas will come up, thoughts about direction and people to talk to.

How do you know it is God speaking to you?

It will make you happy, you will get excited about the ideas. Yes, they may seem so “out there,” but that is why you will not be able to do it in your strength.

You will have to rely on Him all the way.

As you follow the steps God gives you, He will lead you to your passion and purpose.

Now that is something you can get excited about!

In quietness and in trusting confidence I find strength. Isaiah 30:15

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