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What are you remembering?

During tough times, it is good to recall the times when God delivered you. Remembering these times will enforce the fact that what you are currently going through will pass. You were in a jam before, and God delivered you then and He will do so now again.

Before David killed Goliath, he said to himself, God has delivered me from the bear and the lion and so He will deliver me from this uncircumcised Philistine. David recalled how God helped him protect his sheep and helped him kill the bear and the lion.

Just because you see nothing changing does not mean that nothing is happening. God is moving on your behalf. Believe that, do not lose hope and think that your situation is hopeless. God will come through for you. Hold fast to His promises and don’t doubt.

Rejoice and know that you have the victory. There is nothing too hard for God. He will deliver you. Trust in Him. He has done it before and He will do it again and again and again!! Remember this and rejoice because we serve a mighty deliverer who can save His people. Nothing is too hard for God.

Scripture References

Psalm 120:1

Psalm 121


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