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Two Choices In Life

In life, you will ALWAYS have two choices to make in every situation you face.

Fear or Faith.

When circumstances and situations like an unexpected bill, a negative result, or a bad report comes your way, you will find that you will either react in one of two ways, in fear or faith.

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. If you choose this option you will find that it will fill you with dread, worry, and hopelessness. Fear is a tool that will leave you without an answer to your problem. All hope for the future will escape you and you will feel stuck. The devil will lie to you and tell you that this will be your lot in life and that you will never get passed this. You will feel overwhelmed and full of despair. This will affect your health and your sleep as worry will be your constant companion.

FAITH – If you choose this option you will allow God to work with you. You will feel comfort, strength and hope that this will pass and that there is an answer to the problem. Your heart will be at peace knowing that your Heavenly Father is with you and is able to handle the problem for you. You will feel relieved and comforted. The peace of God will surround your mind showing you the way out and lead you on a path that will keep getting brighter and brighter. You will sleep soundly because you will be assured that your Heavenly Father loves you and is working everything out for you.

Whichever crossroads you are facing today, I think the answer is obvious which choice you should make. Faith should always be your partner in your journey. With God, all things are possible, but He requires your faith to make it so. Purpose to stay in faith and don’t let the devil turn your faith over to the fear mode. Trust God to see you through every time and He will.

So, when you face a situation are you going to fear and panic or are you going to trust God?

Scripture references: Ephesians 3:20, Psalm 55:22, John 10:10, Psalm 91:11, 2 Corinthians 10:5

You can’t have a positive life with a negative thought life

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