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Somebody did me wrong!

This week I had the opportunity to lose my cool and throw all my toys out of the cot!

Someone took advantage of me and stole some of my money without my consent. I spoke to them, and they blatantly thought they were in the right and that a refund would not happen.

The song, “Somebody done me wrong,” kept repeating in my head. I lost a night's sleep as I stewed over this incident. My peace went out the window, and frustration, tears, and anxiety replaced it.

Then the wise words from Elsa from Frozen reminded me to, “Let it go!”

My friend, I know you can relate to this. Every day, the devil is trying to steal our joy. Daily, there is an opportunity to step into strife and get frustrated about something.

You must consider whether it is worth it - the answer is a loud NO.

I soon realized that my joy was gone. Besides feeling so tired, I felt disconnected from God.

I repented of allowing this to get under my skin and gave the situation to God. I prayed for the person who did this, forgiving them for stealing from me. Then I rebuked the devil and told him that he couldn’t steal from me and had to return sevenfold. See Proverbs 6:31.

Like you, I am believing God for many things, and this one incident is not worth the trouble it wants to cause me. Strife stops your prayers from being answered. Anxiety causes pain in your body and mind.

The Word of God says to cast ALL your cares onto the Lord. See 1 Peter 5:7. God wasn’t suggesting this. He tells you to do it because He knows what will happen if you don’t. We need to stay on the love walk and not allow anything to take us off that path.

Anxiety and situations will come, but how you deal with them is up to you. Give them to God and let Him take care of you. After all, He can do exceedingly above and beyond all you can ask or think. See Ephesians 3:20-21.

Now that’s something to think about.

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