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How much time do you take just to sit down and think?

Are you always rushing from A to B? In a hurry to get everything done? We need time to reflect and think about what we are doing, where we want to go and how to get there.

I suggest you spend fifteen minutes daily just sitting quietly and thinking. You may say you don't have that kind of time. Then you have to make the time. Time with God is so important. One word from God can save you so much time and stress. God knows everything you need in your life. Undoubtedly spending time with Him should be your priority?

Find a nice quiet spot, be it outside or your favourite chair. Have a journal with you and ask God to help you, to show you what you need to know. As the thoughts come, write them down. They may not make sense, but still, write them down. Quiet yourself down on the inside and breathe deeply, allowing God's peace and presence to flow over you.

Talk to God about your life, your goals and your dreams. Ask Him to show you and direct you. Then be still and listen. You may hear nothing, but that's okay because time with God is never wasted. You may just need to be still for a bit.

I have found that even hours later, a thought will come up to answer my question. Ideas will begin to flow. In our busy world today, we often think being busy, even busy for God, is the best way to use our time. But my friend quieting down your mind and focusing on God is the way to go! God wants to speak to you. He longs to help you. But if you are never still enough to hear, how can He?

The enemy doesn't mind if you are busy, even busy doing God's work, as long as you are not giving your spirit attention. The children of God are led by the Spirit of God - see Romans 8:14.

Just start thinking and listening! You will find this exercise so resourceful and calming. It will bring a wonderful balance into your life. Let your spirit hook up to the Holy Spirit and listen.

So make it a part of your routine to JUST THINK AND LISTEN.

It's time to prick up your ears!

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