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Pay Attention, I need to talk to you!

Suppose I was trying to call you when you turned off your phone’s volume. You would not answer.

What is the problem? You couldn’t hear your phone ringing!

It is the same with God. He is always talking to us, but we don’t hear Him. Why? Because we are not tuned in! God speaks to us continually by His Word, His Holy Spirit, prayer and anointed Bible teachers. But if we never read His Word, listen to anointed messages, go to anointed services, or pray, how will we ever hear Him?

Suppose you decided today that you wanted to exercise your calf muscles because you noticed that they looked flabby. So you do 100 calf raises. Suddenly, you became aware of them. Why? Because you exercised the muscle. Now you can feel them!

It is the same with your spirit. You exercise hearing the voice of your spirit – your conscience, by keeping close to God in prayer, reading and listening to the Word. Your spirit man will grow stronger and stronger, and then you will hear it more clearly.

The Holy Spirit lives in you, and He has all the answers you will ever need. Tap into your spirit by exercising it, and then you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that will answer every question you will ever have!

Now that’s food for thought!

Proverbs 3:5-6

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