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Panic Attacks Help!

When experiencing a panic attack, it's recommended to soothe oneself by concentrating on taking deep breaths.

Inhale deeply and count to four, then hold your breath for seven counts before exhaling slowly for a count of eight. The purpose is to shift your focus from panicking thoughts to counting.

Well, I think we can take this exercise up a notch.

Inhale deeply and repeat the phrase, "Jesus loves me. "

Hold your breath and repeat the following phrase, "I entrust this concern to Him, knowing that He cares for me."

With a deep exhale, whisper, "Thank you, Jesus. I trust you to handle my problem."

Jesus is the only one that can calm your storm. If you connect to Him when anxiety rises, it can quickly calm down your troubled thoughts.

We were never promised a life without trials and problems. But He has promised us that if we keep our minds on Him, He will surround us with His peace. You can go through a storm, but in you, is a peace you cannot explain.

Knowing who our God is and that He takes care of everything that comes our way should give us hope and relief. You will never do life alone. There will never be a situation that God cannot help you with. So if you feel a panic attack coming, practice speaking to it while you do your breathing exercises. I know for a fact that Jesus will calm your anxious mind down and give you peace.

Anxiety Scriptures

Philippians 4: 4-8

Isa. 6:1-3

Hebrew 13:8


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