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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Pressure is a consistent part of life. It forces you to make quick decisions. God is not the one pushing you with these demands. He shows you and guides you, but never forces you.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He leads you by the still small voice. Allow the peace of God to act as an umpire in your life. He will always lead and direct you by His peace, and He will show you the best way to go. We can make wise life decisions by following the spirit of peace and not by yielding to pressure.

Should you not have any peace about a decision you need to make, stop? Wait till you sense peace about it first. It is better to be late in deciding what to do than trying to correct a mistake.

Pressure is the enemy’s tool to cause us to make mistakes and not trust in God. After standing and waiting for an answer to come, keep praising God and be perseverant and expectant that it is coming. The adversary will pressure you to make a move, but it will be the wrong move if it isn’t God directed.

Abraham and Sarah felt this pressure from the enemy. God had promised them a child, but they grew tired of waiting. So, Sarah made her plan. She succumbed to pressure, and Abraham had a child with Sarah’s servant girl. This was out of God’s desire and plan for their lives. Sarah should have trusted God and believed that He is faithful to His promises. She would have seen that she was going to have Isaac in the future.

Be patient and expect God to move. Keep your mind focused on His promises, knowing that He is faithful to bring them to pass in your life. Allow God’s peace to rule in your heart. Let it help you form your next decision.

Scripture references:

Philippians 4:7

1 Peter 5:7

Isaiah 54:17  

Don’t let the pressure be more real to you than God’s Word.

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