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Life in your Submarine

Imagine that you bought a submarine, then started to make it your own personal space. Inside you had a beautiful bedroom with all your favourite things, a movie room or even a lovely indoor garden. You could add a spa pool or a lovely lounge area to relax in. This is your space, a peaceful place for you to live in and enjoy.

Then you take your submarine out into the deepest ocean. Being deep in the ocean is not a problem because your submarine can withstand all the pressures from the sea. You just cruise along enjoying your life, enjoying your peaceful, calm surroundings. You are all warm and cosy inside your submarine.

Now, tell me would you consider opening the submarine's hatch and let the seawater in? Even a little bit? Of course not, why, because it would destroy your submarine; you could drown if too much water got in.

Your life is like that submarine. Outside in the world all the cares and worries are trying to get inside you, trying to control your life, your thoughts, and even your sleep. Just as you would not open the hatch to let the water into your submarine, you should not allow the pressures of your life to get into your heart either. You should strive to keep a peaceful tranquil place with God in your life all the times. Purpose to keep your heart and mind focused on Him and His promises. Striving to remain in a peaceful state always.

Cast every care onto the Lord. Tell Him, “Lord I cast the cares of my kids onto you, I trust you to take care of this situation, and I’m leaving it in your hands”. Then go on with your life knowing that He is well able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that you can ask or think. Continue with your life knowing that God is attending to your prayer. There is no need to worry or lose any sleep because your trust is in God.

Our goal must be to stay in faith and keep in His peace. Do not allow the cares of this world to get into your heart. Only by staying continually in his Word and prayer, can you do this. Jesus never sat on the roadside and said to his disciples, “I’m so tired of you all, you are always moaning; everywhere I go people are always so unkind to me; life is so hard nobody likes me”. No, He never let all the pressures from the outside world overcome Him. He cast His cares onto the Lord daily by keeping in constant communication with His Father.

Friend, this must be your daily goal, to stay in peace, to be calm and full of faith. Everyday trust God to help you fight the good fight of faith and to keep the pressures out. Do not let the devil deceive you into carrying the cares. Jesus died to take them from you so that you could walk free of them.

Proverbs 4: 20-23

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