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Matthew 6:33

Imagine a flat red rubber ball. It has no life in it. It cannot bounce or be of use because it has no air. It isn't of any use. But if you were to get a pump and start blowing air into the ball, the ball will begin to take shape and eventually, as it fills up, will be able to bounce and be thrown around. The more air you put into it, the fuller and firmer it will become.

Our lives are much the same as this ball.

We are born spiritually dead to God, but as we confess Him as Lord and Saviour of our lives, the breath of God breathes into our spirits, and we become alive on the inside. We become aware of spiritual things. The more time we spend with God via His Word, prayer and listening to good Bible-based teachings, the more the breath of God flows in us.

Doing this will enable us to function to our fullest potential of Christian living. We start seeing results in our lives; life starts making sense and has meaning. We begin to live life with a purpose and passion. But we have to keep filling up to maintain this level.

In the same way, the ball will need to keep being top up with air to be adequate to bounce, so will you have to keep being topped up with God's Word. Otherwise, like the ball, you will go FLAT.

Life will go flat and lose its flavour. Then we find we go through the motion of Christian living. Yes, you may go to church and read your bible, but the joy of God's presence is gone.

The intimacy of the relationship seems lost. The first love is gone.

But that doesn't mean it can't come back. No, start breathing in God presence again. Start diligently pursuing His presence again. Make it a daily habit to seek His face. And in no time, you will have your bounce back. Life will become a blessing again.

To have all of God in your life, you have to let Him in all of your life.

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