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Jesus is the beginning and the end – the Alfa and Omega as stated in Revelation. He is also your beginning and your end to every problem or situation you may find yourself in.

When problems come, go to Jesus in the beginning, stay focus on Him. He will lead you through to the end of the problem.

It’s not about how, or when you will get the answer, it’s about “who.”

The “Who” is Jesus, He is the answer to every situation. Begin with Jesus, end with Jesus. He will see you through the full circle of your problem. Revealing the how's, what’s and any additional information you may need to get to the solution.

All your answers are found in Him, keep your focus continually on Him. Speak to your storm; it must bow to the name of Jesus. Allow Jesus to lead you through the storm. Don't be moved by the blowing wind, the critics, the remarks, or the bank account. All these are subject to change. Our God is a God of the suddenly. This time tomorrow, it can all be changed and you will find yourself at the end of the problem.

God always completes everything. Stay close to Him, let Him lead you to a complete victory for your situation. Allow Him to show you things that you need and how to move forward. He is with you at the beginning of your need and will walk with you through to the end. God is greater than any impossible situation you may be facing. Place your trust in Him and allow Him to help you through to the end.

I pray that God gives you His strength and that the comfort of the Holy Spirit will be with you.

Read Ephesians 1:19 - 23

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