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When was the last time you shouted at your problems? Or do you continually just moan about them?

When God wanted the walls of Jericho to come down, He got the Israelites to shout at them. He did not let them talk about it or moan about it.

In fact, for 6 days, they were not to say anything at all! Not one word!

But then on the seventh day, He got them to shout at the walls that were stopping them from entering in! And the walls came down.

Faith, shouts my friend. Isn’t it time for you to shout at your problems? Shout that you have the victory that Jesus died to give you. Shout at the devil to lose and let go! Shout that you are the head and not the tail. Shout that you are an overcomer and the Greater one lives in You and that He will put you over. Shout that you have been delivered and that God is on your side working on your behalf.

Oh, my friend, do you not feel a shout coming on!

I am shouting with you, for your victory and your walls to come down!

You can read the story of the walls coming down in Joshua 6.

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