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If you are discouraged, it is often extremely difficult to get back on your feet again.

You can never get up on the outside unless you first get up on the inside.

How is this done?

By force-feeding your spirit, because your flesh will not want to do anything.

When a person goes to the hospital, they are put on a drip that holds lots of vitamins and minerals that their body needs to help them get strong again. This is the same method you will need to use to feed your spirit.

It is going to require a supercharging to become strong again.

There are several ways how to do this:

* Reading the Word daily

* Praying in the Spirit

* Listening to faith-building messages

* Attending a good church.

The more of God’s Word you put in your spirit, the faster you will top-up. Then you must stay topped up!

Keeping your faith strong is the only way you can rise above any circumstance. You will have to overdose on God’s Word, the more of God’s Word inside you, the less power, depression, and discouragement will take a hold on you.

God has given you His Word, but you must take hold of it. Make a quality decision that you are not going to be discouraged anymore. Stir up your dreams and vision, call them back to life again!

Something will begin to happen when you start. Take the first step and start getting stronger today.


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