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Is your torch battery flat?

Are you feeling pressure around you? Are you overwhelmed and discouraged?

My friend, I have the answer for you! It is not you; it is your battery that is flat!

When a torch does not work, you do not throw it away. You change the batteries.

The batteries are flat, not the torch. Put in new batteries, and the torchlight will work again.

You are just like the torch, there is nothing wrong with you, you need to recharge your batteries. You are not too fat or too thin, not smart enough, not the right colour, not rich enough.

You do have the right talents; you do have unique gifts.

No, my friend, there is nothing wrong with you! In God’s eyes, you are perfect. All that is wrong is that your battery is flat. You need to recharge by connecting with God. Spending time in His presence, reading His Word and listening to faith-inspired messages will keep your battery charged.

Do not neglect your time with God. It is the most important thing you can do. Prioritize this time and do it daily, then your battery will never go flat, you will stay charged up and ready to go.

The pressure of this world starts to take hold of you when your battery goes flat. You get short-tempered and stress takes over. Staying connected to God will help you cope with the pressures you face daily.


Set aside a daily quiet time with God, where you read His Word, pray, and get quiet before Him.

James 4:8  Come near to God and He will come near to you.

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