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You become what you think! Have you noticed that if you think about something negative, upsetting, or depressing, how your mood changes? Your thoughts can affect you in different ways. Think discouraging thoughts and you become discouraged.

Think positive, hopeful thoughts and you become positive and hopeful. Your life will follow your thoughts. You will become what you think about!!

If a thought enters your head, it doesn’t mean you must think about it, allowing it to take root in your life. Override the negative thought with a positive one. How?

With the Word of God. Speak the Word to the negative thoughts and refuse to think about them.

If you want to stay encouraged and positive, focus on good, happy thoughts. When the enemy of our soul puts a negative thought into your mind, resist it with the Word of God.

Be disciplined with your thought life and don’t meditate on negative thoughts, you will find your Christian walk a lot easier. If you have a bad thought, it doesn't mean it will happen. Don’t fall for the enemy’s lies. They have proved almost 90% of what we fear will never happen.


Isaiah 55:7-8 Philippians 4:8

Matthew 6:31-34

1 Peter 5:7

Confession: I only think of good, pure, and happy thoughts. My thoughts are pleasing to the Father. I resist negative thoughts.

The truth will change facts

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