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Help my emotions are all over the place!

Some days your emotions seem to be all over the place. Tears are constantly in your eyes. Just one wrong word from someone could trigger you off. It feels like the whole world has gone wrong, and there is no hope. You are not alone. Everyone has days like this.

Now here’s where you will have to make a choice, a stand – do you go with your emotions and feelings, or do you stand on the promises of God’s Word and believe that He loves you and that you can trust him to carry you through. Now is not the time to make any significant decisions. It is best not to say much. Be still not, and let the moments pass. Tomorrow is another day.

His Word has to be your final authority no matter what you see, feel or hear. You have to have a standpoint, a boundary you stand by no matter what. A moral code that you will not break.

So instead of saying all types of negative things and letting your mouth run wild, find a scripture that will bring you great comfort.

Know that this will pass, and tomorrow the world will look better. Remember God is your strength, and as you call on Him for help, He promises never to leave you or forsake you.

Draw your strength from this and refuse to follow your emotions. Let the cross of Jesus be your final authority and the work He did to give you the victory in your life.

Scripture References:

Psalm 7:9

Psalm 30:5

Psalm 34:18

Psalm 42:5

Today and every day. I will make good choices
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