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Forget Your Past

To go forward in life we must leave the past behind us. That includes all the bad memories that you have experience. All the hurts, bad feelings and unkind words, that were ever spoken to you.

You cannot go into your future carrying all the baggage from the past.

I know this is not easy, but it is essential if you want to move freely forward into your future. Satan will always bring back to your mind the tormenting thoughts of failure and defeat. Don’t allow him to torment your mind.

God wants you to be whole and dwelling on the past will hinder you from doing this. If you keep going over events in your mind you will keep it as a stronghold in your life. Draw a line in the sand and decide that this is enough and put it behind you.

You will have to fight at first to keep it behind you but with God’s help, you can. Eventually, the joy of The Lord will take over and the memories will fade into the past. Find a scripture that you can stand on and quote this every time tormenting thoughts come to you. God is faithful to watch over His Word and he will deliver you from all the hurts.

You will also have to forgive yourself and your part in your past. Move forward knowing that God loves you, that he forgives you and cleanses you from all sin. Don’t hold onto the sin in your mind because then you didn’t take hold of God’s forgiveness for it.

Walk tall with your head held high and your shoulders back knowing that you are loved and forgiven.


1 John 1:9

2 Chronicles 30:9

Matthew 6:14

Luke 2:40


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