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Twelve people went to spy out the promised land God had for them. Ten returned with a negative report, and two returned with a positive report.

These ten influenced most of the Israelite’s opinions on why they could not enter the promised land. Most people will tell you how you can’t do what’s in your heart to do. They will tell you it can never happen; you won’t get your healing, your desired job, your baby, your loved one saved etc.

Most of these people say they believed God, but it didn’t happen for them; therefore, why should it happen for you. But in a nutshell, they’re saying that God lied in His Word when He made these promises to you. Most of the Israelites never went into the Promised Land because they refused to believe they could.

To see the promises of God’s Word come to pass in your life, you will have to look past what you are currently seeing, what you are listening to and only believe God’s Word. It may look impossible when you look at outside circumstances, but that’s why we don’t look at them. We focus on our heavenly Father, who masters every circumstance.

Christianity isn’t for weaklings. No, it’s for those who are determined to win, who are committed to standing firm and will stand till they see the victory promised to them in God’s word. God’s promises are for whosoever, but to be whosoever, you must stay strong in faith and keep believing. Be determined that quitting isn’t an option for you because your promised land is waiting!

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