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Was 2021 a year of disappointment for you? Things did not work out the way you had hoped.

Promises were made but not kept. You are not alone! Many have found the last few years to be some of the worst years ever!

But we are living in the last days. The devil is going around seeking who he may devour!

– 1 Peter 5:8.

My friend, that does not have to be you! Do not let the devil devour and deceive you. God does not work on our calendar. He is faithful and true. He will do what he has promised you. Do not give up, do not grow weary, and please do not quit.

Let me ask you, if you had to wait an extra month to get the results you needed, wouldn’t you stay positive and in faith? You are closer to the answer than you know!

Keep the faith. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

The circumstances may be shouting loud at you. But answer back with God’s Word. He loves you so much, and He is for you, not against you. Do not get in doubt. Keep your faith strong, so God can continue to work in your life.

Hold onto the confidence that God is able, God is good, and yes, He wants to show himself strong on your behalf. Are you letting Him? Are you trusting in Him? Remember all the previous times He came through for you!

The answer is coming. I can hear the Father say, stand firm. It is on the way!

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