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Could This Be Our Last Easter?

I love Easter. It makes me want to lift my hands up high and give thanks to my God. Praising Him for sending Jesus to save me from my sins and grant me eternal life.

Even if God never did another thing for me, I will still be happy and blessed. To have the assurance of an eternity in His presence.

Life here is difficult because of its obstacles and difficulties. Easter reminds us we don't have to go through life by ourselves. He is with us always. Are you aware that our faith is the only one that you can't point to the tomb of its leader–as it's EMPTY? Glory to God! Jesus has risen.

Resurrection Sunday would be an ideal day for Jesus to return. That would bring His redemption work to a full circle. He ascended to heaven on the same day, two millennia later, He came back. What a concept!

But in the meantime…

Occupy and run your race till He returns. My friend, it's a difficult situation to make it in this world with rising prices and inflation. Yet, recall that through the cross you have been given control over this world and its ruler- the devil.

You don’t have to lie down and surrender. Instead, you can stand firm and keep your head up high because you are not without strength. He has given you the name above all names. JESUS. Every knee must bow to that name.

You may not always remember this, but our adversary never does. He will persist in attacking you from all sides as long as you permit it. As soon as you summon the name of Jesus, the enemy's work will immediately cease.

Remain faithful as you stay close to God through prayer and His Word. Strengthen yourself and call upon the name of Jesus with confidence. And your world will change. Get back the power. Your circumstances must submit to that name. You will come out victorious.

There is plenty to celebrate this Easter. You are a conqueror, a heroic one, a champion, and an undefeated one.

Now is a good time to have a praise break!

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