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Lazarus was sick so his sisters, Martha and Mary asked Jesus to come and heal him. But Jesus arrived there too late, as Lazarus had died.

There is never too late with Jesus! He stood before Lazarus’s tomb and said in a loud voice “Lazarus come forth!”

Read this story in John 11:1-44. As you know, Lazarus rose from the dead!

Lazarus’s sisters would not let their brother die, you should also not let your dreams and goals die. What is there in your life that you need to revive?

What do you need to call out to, “come forth?”

What do you need to call back to life again?

Do you need to resurrect a dream that you have let go of? It is time to allow God to breathe new life into it again. You may need to get a new vision for that dead dream, get refocused on it and run with it again.

My question for you today is, have you settled for something less than what you know God has put inside you? Have you given up on a dream or let go of a promise because it has not happened yet? Have you had a setback? Maybe somebody told you, you are not talented enough, or who do you think you are to achieve that?

Speak life back into the situation, tell it to come forth again! Let God breathe new life to it and run with it again.

Remember with God all things are possible. With Jesus, it is never too late.

Scripture reference

Joshua 1:9

1 Corinthians 16:13

1 John 5:14-15

Colossians 3:2

Faith always has actions.

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