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Maybe you are facing a situation or circumstance where you have been told

that you can’t. A doctor said he can’t help you, a friend can’t help, something you need can’t seem to come to pass, and a situation can’t seem to get better.

But with God, it’s all CAN. Can’t isn’t part of His vocabulary.

Philippians 4:13 – I CAN do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

Yes, maybe in yourself you can’t, but through Christ, you can!!

The greater one living in you CAN, He CAN help you to overcome and rise above

every situation. He CAN help you through it and get you safely to the other side.

NO negative report is too great for God.

God can turn it around.

He CAN change it to a positive report.

With God living in you, you have the ability and the power to talk to the situation and see it turn around. Our God is a turnaround, God.

So, don’t let the situation and circumstance you are currently facing

get you down, just know that they are on their way out because God said HE CAN change them. Keep close to the greater one in you and allow Him to strengthen you as you see the problem go!!

Misery is proof that your focus is on something that is draining you

rather than sustaining you.

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