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Beat anxiety and anxious thoughts.

The answer to anxiety is to establish your life with a strong belief system. Believe in God's Word and promises. Have habits and moral boundaries that anchor your soul. A stabilizer that keeps you grounded in the faith.

When the wind blows and anxious thoughts come, you have a sturdy belief system to fall back on. Your foundation is firmly planted in God, who will not disappoint you. You won't be shaken and you won’t quit cause you know who your Redeemer is. You know the scriptures and you answer that anxious thought with the truth of God's Word.

Your belief system is sound and firmly grounded. If your foundation is weak, it will move you, tossing you back and forth. Anxiety will be your constant companion. Knowing how much God loves and cares about you will calm your troubled mind, replacing anxiety with His peace.

Rejoice in God and believe that He’s for you. Let Him have control of your life and rest in His arms. Fill your mind with God’s thoughts, not what ifs and maybes.

Remember the times He has seen you through. Keeping your focus on Him will take your mind off your troubles. Anxiety passes as trust in God’s love for you increases.

God has got you and is for you. There’s nothing that could happen that God can’t take care of.

Scripture reading

Lamintations 23:21-26

Isaiah 26:3

Jeremiah 17:7-8

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