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Are You Walking on the Word of God?

Let’s look at an example from the Bible - Matthew 14:22-33 tells us about the time Peter walked on the water. Who else besides Jesus and Peter has walked on water? It doesn’t matter if the water in the swimming pool is as smooth as glass. Will you be able to walk on it? Peter did, why? Because Jesus gave him the word - “COME.”

This illustrates how powerful the Word of God is. Was Peter walking on the water? No, he was walking on the Word of Jesus. Water is a natural element, but God’s Word is supernatural and overrides the natural. When the Word says in 1 Peter 2:24…. by Jesus' stripes you are healed, do you look at your natural symptoms or the supernatural Word of God?

What happened when Peter looked at the surrounding wind, he sank. Why? Because fear gripped his heart. This happens to us when we look at our symptoms and circumstances. Fear grips our hearts and we sink.

Keep your eyes on God’s Word. How do you do that, when sickness attacks our bodies, we stand on God’s Word by saying what the Word says…” no sickness can come upon me, for by Jesus' stripes I am healed”… that is walking on the Word.

Apply this to every situation that comes against you. God's Word is full of “supernatural” scriptures we can stand on to fight our battles… and win.

Never QUIT

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