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Are you becoming unravelled in this season?

The pressure of this season we are in can cause us to unravel. The devil is roaming around trying to destroy us. He is trying to hinder us by applying pressure at us from all sides.

When the pressure comes, we need to draw closer to God. We cannot collapse from the pressure. We need to stay inside our submarine of protection. (See earlier blog post from 15.02.20).

Presently there is a pressure around us that we have never experienced before. It seems to be coming at us from all sides shouting, “let me in, let me in”. We need to remain strong, focused, and unmoved.

Staying calm and keeping our wits about us when everything around us seems unstable and uncertain. Do not forget that your Father, God is your place of safety that you can run to, a place where you can get wisdom, direction, and guidance.

During these times, press closer into His presence, allowing His anointing to sustain you more deeply. Apply the truths from God’s Word more fervently to your life.

My friend, God has not changed, His Word is as strong and as powerful as ever. None of these things has taken Him by surprise. We must rise to this occasion stronger and more focus than ever.

You can do this; you can come out the other side not even smelling of smoke. You can be strong, victorious and testify about the goodness of God.

Press into all that God has for you. Fill your spirit with His Word and truth. Abide under the shadow of the Almighty, even closer than before. Let His goodness and mercy surround you and protect you.

You are an overcomer - yes you are.

Challenge - Steps to staying strong during this season

1. Read the Word more

2. Pray more

3. Stay quiet in His presence more

4. Watch your thoughts

5. Watch your words


Cast all your cares, anxiety onto Him because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

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