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Are you at the point of no return?

To see the results you want from the Word of God, make a quality decision that you will stand until you see the desired results. There must be a point of no return in making a 100% commitment that you will stand until you have the victory. Continue standing till you see that loved one saved, the healing in your body, the victory over bad habits.

It must be an irreversible decision from your heart. You are going with the Word of God. Stand firm in your mind and spirit, making a quality decision. Speak the scriptures from the Word into existence in your world. His Word will become alive in your situation by applying the Name of Jesus and the authority you have in that name. This takes time and patience on your part. Keep applying the promises to the problem.

That’s why you have to make a quality decision, speaking only as if your miracle has already happened and not what you see in front of you.

No matter what the devil throws your way, stay committed to the Word and the victory that is yours. The closer you get to that point of no return, the more pressure the devil will put on you. Don’t be fooled, he is a liar trying to get you to back off. Keep applying the pressure on him with the Word of God and your victory will come. We have God’s promise on that.

Scripture references

Romans 4:13-21

Romans 8:37

2 Corinthians 2:14

When vision is clear, the results will appear

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