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So are you a healthy thinker? Is the glass always half full or half empty?

Choosing to always focus on the negative, will cause unnecessary stress in your life.

A person has to find a balance between the positive and negative situations in life.

A healthy thinker sees life as a sequence of events, all of which are factored into

an overall track record.

No single event is perceived as being overly important or of no consequence.

A health thinker separates their emotions from their overall self worth.

Ask yourself, how should I approach this situation in the future?

Free yourself of stress and guilt by realizing that you are not responsible

for another person’s actions or decisions. No matter what they tell you!!

You make your own life. You can’t blame others for your stress because you have

allowed these stressful feelings into your life.

Most of your thoughts go under the radar because you have practice them

so much they have become your mindset. You fly off the handle or become

anxious without even thinking about it and you don’t even realize that you

are doing it or why you react this way.

In order to recognize these patterns you must first tune into your feelings and

take inventory of what you’re thinking. By monitoring your feelings you will

eventually be able to figure out which thoughts & beliefs triggered your anxiety.

Then you can break their stronghold over you.

The thought triggers are dysfunctional thought patterns that have become

ingrained in your thinking, similar to a computer virus. This is why we need to

renew our mind and rewire those thoughts. Joy and peace can come to even

the most troubled mind when people discover new ways to looking at life based

of the Word of God.


1 Timothy 1:7

Romans 12:2

Isaiah 55:10


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