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As an author, I have a passion to write books that will keep people turning the pages and to give them something a little deeper to think about long after the last page has been read.
My desire is to encourage the Body of Christ in their faith and to not only help them grow closer to God but to also help them fulfil their God-given assignments for life. To help people reach their full potential in Christ.
The purpose of my Instagram and Facebook pages is to brighten up your day, increase your faith and strengthen you in your daily walk with God. To encourage and help you on your journey with life.

My Journey to Enjoy My Life

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Chat and Spin Radio Interview Promoting My Book - My Journey To Enjoying My Life.

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I am honoured to share my first book with you. I pray that my book - My Journey to Enjoying My Life will encourage and motivate you to reach for more and to help you grow into all that God has for you. May the words on these pages bring you wisdom and strength to move from your past into a brighter future.


My journey to enjoying my life is a heartfelt, dynamic true-life story of Karin. This must-read book details the events of her early childhood abuse and her struggles with the feeling of being unloved, and the fears that developed from her fight to just be normal.

Karin takes you on a dynamic journey of how she dealt with the emotional pain of abuse, how God healed her broken heart and made her whole again. She will take you on a step by step journey dealing with every aspect of how to take back your life. How to overcome addictive behaviour patterns and find peace in your life again. 

This book will show you how the Holy Spirit wants to take away the stones that have been clogging up your wells of living water.

This book outlines the truth from God’s Word about who you are and how to be free from your past. It is a practical, easy-to-read, step by step book which will enhance every reader’s walk with God and aid with the internal healing so desperately needed by abused people.

Motivator by heart

"As I trusted God and allowed Him to work on my behalf, my world started changing, and so will yours, if you trust Him"

Karin Thompson

Poppy Field

Book Reviews - Encouragement For The Weary Soul

"Karin Thompson's heart for people shines through in 'Encouragement for the Weary Soul.' No matter the struggle you're facing, the encouragement in these pages is sure to remind you of God's love and His ability to meet you where you are."

Amy Dohmen

The Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrew 4:12). In other words,  the Word goes straight to the problem and solves it. No long drawn out processes just straight to the point.

This is how I would describe Karin’s latest book, Encouragement For The Weary Soul. It goes straight to the point of dealing with issues that we as Christians are faced with in our journey through life. 

I found her book to be easy reading, easy to understand and easy to put into practice. This book could also be used as a daily reading, each subject dealing with a different area of life’s issues and including many scriptures that one could spend time on researching and meditating on them till they get through to the heart.

A must-read……….   James

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Encouragement For The Weary Soul. 

Are you discouraged? Could you do with a Pep talk?

Then this book is for you. Do you feel like giving up? Maybe you’re experiencing weariness and ‘spiritual burnout.’ Help is on the way.

Find healing, hope, and inspiration in this collection of encouraging words for Weary Souls. Prayers and Scriptures that offer help and support as you overcome the situations you face.

You do not have to live your life worn out and confused.

As you study God’s Word, your questions will be answered.

There is comfort for tomorrow. You will want to read this book over and over to find peace amidst your negative circumstances.

Throughout these pages, discover encouragement and strength to carry on.

This is the perfect book for Christians looking for straight forward answers. An uplifting read you can turn to again and again during tough times.


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Interview with Valerie Teles from Fit For Joy 

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Interview With Collaborated Press

Co-hosting Kate's Book Club Interview

Blog Interview With Kris Wampler

Chantel Dias

Book Reviews - My Journey To Enjoying My Life

Jenny Bennett

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Karin is an amazing lady and my very best friend - Karin is one of the strongest ladies I know

with a love for God that comes straight from her heart - she has endured so much in her life

but with the help of God has risen high above her circumstances.     Chantel Dias

Are you in a place right now thinking that there is no one to turn to, to help you out of your mess then Karin Thompson’s book “My journey to enjoying my life” is FOR YOU!
In the book Karin reveals her personal challenges and hardships as she was growing up and then as a woman and a mother. Karin made decisions to change and have a better life.

Linda Erasmus

This Holy Spirit-driven book was a deep yet subtle journey for me. Each chapter came in the healing process order that I required. The personal questions allowed me to be at truth with myself. A much-needed book to re-read.

I am available for…


Speaking at women’s groups, Bible studies, conferences. 


Writing for Christian women's ministries, magazines and blogs.


Guest appearances on podcasts, radio shows.


Hosting for women's conferences and live events.


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"My Journey to Enjoying My Life" is a must-have book that will help you, no matter what the hurts

of your past may look like, to move forward from the limitation that those hurts can bring to a place of realising your full potential.

Daryl Thompson

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