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About the Author

Motivator by heart

As an author, I have a passion to write books that will keep people turning the pages and to give them something a little deeper to think about long after the last page has been read.
My desire is to encourage the Body of Christ in their faith and to not only help them grow closer to God but to also help them fulfil their God-given assignments for life. To help people reach their full potential in Christ.
The purpose of my Instagram and Facebook pages is to brighten up your day, increase your faith and strengthen you in your daily walk with God. To encourage and help you on your journey with life.

My Journey to Enjoy My Life

June, 2019

I am honoured to share my first book with you. I pray that my book - My Journey to Enjoying My Life will encourage and motivate you to reach for more and to help you grow into all that God has for you. May the words on these pages bring you wisdom and strength to move from your past into a brighter future.

Chat and Spin Radio Interview Promoting My Book - My Journey To Enjoying My Life.

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"As I trusted God and allowed Him to work on my behalf, my world started changing, and so will yours, if you trust Him"

Karin Thompson

Poppy Field


Jenny Bennett

Are you in a place right now thinking that there is no one to turn to, to help you out of your mess then Karin Thompson’s book “My journey to enjoying my life” is FOR YOU!
In the book Karin reveals her personal challenges and hardships as she was growing up and then as a woman and a mother. Karin made decisions to change and have a better life.

Chantel Dias

Karin is an amazing lady and my very best friend - Karin is one of the strongest ladies I know with a love for God that comes straight from her heart - she has endured so much in her life but with the help of God has risen high above her circumstances

Monica Sweeney

Karin is a very special friend, a beautiful godly woman, and a great mother and grandmother. Her life story and how she became the person she is, is a must-read. I interviewed her to my Religare Page, where you can have a glimpse of what she is about to unfold to you

Daryl Thompson

"My Journey to Enjoying My Life" is a must-have book that will help you, no matter what the hurts of your past may look like, to move forward from the limitation that those hurts can bring to a place of realising your full potential.

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My Journey To Enjoying My Life is a heartfelt, dynamic true-life story of Karin. This must-read book details the events of her early childhood abuse, her struggles with the feeling of being unloved by her parents and the fears that developed from her fight to just be normal.


A dynamic and passionate book which will speak to the very heart of any person who has ever experienced any form of abuse in their life, it will enable you to search for God amidst all the heartache and rejection and show you how, no matter what form of abuse you have experienced, God still loves you and wants the very best for your life.
It is a practical, easy-to-read, step by step book which will greatly enhance every reader’s walk with God and assist with the internal healing so desperately needed for abused people.

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After the Pain There Is a Better Life Waiting for You.

New Book Coming Soon.

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